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Hello, everyone! We’re excited about what Deadly Reads Authors are up to. Linda and Lisa each posted their books for free at Amazon in the month of December, and did very well. Each of them became best selling Authors, as well as International Authors. Together they acquired over one thousand downloads. We’re very proud of our Authors.

We want to acknowledge an important person in the process of creating a book, and that is our editor, Cindy Hosie. If you are an author, then you know, without the editor, the book is still in ‘first draft’. We at Deadly Reads hold to high standards when it comes to the looks of our books, from cover design to editing, and to formatting as well as the other very important things connected to publishing a book.

If you are a new Author, looking for a home, come chat with us and see…

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The Legends of Keens; Story #1- Baltron and the Magic Crystal, Chapter One



Lisa Vandiver

DeadlyReads, LLC


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Baltron and the Magic Crystal


Lisa Vandiver



Chapter One


The village of Coakin, in the region of Aspella buzzed with energy this evening.  It was the first evening of the region’s harvest celebration, the Celebration of Reaping.  The gods had been good to Coakin this year, and in fact, good to the entire region of Aspella.  The fields were plentiful with healthy vegetables and grains, which would make the coming winter bearable.

There were many travelers in the village this evening.  One such traveler in their midst went by the name of Baltron from the village of Xonnta, from the kingdom of Liliasat, neighboring kingdom east of Aspella. He was a selfish person with the reputation of a swindler however, he was careful to keep that talent well hidden, until, of course, it would be the most beneficial.

Aspella’s reputation was famous in many regions, partly because of the great conflict between Aspella and its neighboring kingdom, Eloweena, where the blue waters sailed into the sky.

Aspella was known at this time as a region of pure evil.  The Celebration of Reaping was one such reason that brought forth the reputation.  In the ceremony, known as Reaping of the gods, two families from each village within the region had to hand over one daughter and one son.  After all, the gods wanted their fair share of the harvest, since they were the ones who provided the bountiful crops each year.  The Reaping of the Gods ceremony would be the last act completed on the first day of harvest celebration, and in the very late hours of the night.

Baltron had heard of this ceremony before, and wanted to see it for himself.  His region participated in human sacrifice to appease their gods, but it was only the offering of one virgin per year.  To him, the sacrificing of so many children at once was just downright bizarre.  What would happen if the region ever ran out of children?  What would they do then? Baltron thought to himself, but his curiosity and excitement only grew as the time drew near for the ceremony.

Baltron stared up at the two half moons, and he estimated the time for the ceremony to be within the next hour.  He finished off the fish, roasted potatoes, and carrots, and then threw the empty platter into a pile of others discarded next to a fire where the food had been prepared.  Baltron turned up his lambskin flask, and gulped his fill then he clipped the flask back onto his belt and stood.  Now that his body was nourished, he decided to try his luck at a game of Chesadona dice before making his way to the ceremonial rings.

* * *

The Chesadona game progressed satisfactorily for Baltron and he was surprised that he had actually won the game without cheating.  He collected his winnings from all the players except one, Leorakin, of Coakin.  Leorakin sat on the ground, with his legs crossed as the others now stood and paid their debts.

Only after all the other opponents left the gaming ring, did Leorakin stand and speak to Baltron.

“I do not have the shiny gold or silver you seek for payment, but I have something better.”

Baltron’s 6’5”, brawny stature towered over Leorakin’s thin, 4’3” small one.  He frowned down at the little man and gruffly huffed, “I want my due, little one or I shall pound you into the ground.”

Leorakin shrieked; stepping backward with fear in his eyes at the scenario Baltron lay before him should he not pay.  “I have something better, my friend; something of more value than mere gold, or silver.”

“Oh, do tell, little one.”

Leorakin pulled a black, round object from his tunic and held it in his hand.

Baltron frowned, as he stared at the object.  This object had no value.  In fact, it was quite unimpressive.  “What is this?  It is not worth anything.  I would be laughed out of every village between here and Liliasat if I were to try to sell this.  You better have something better to offer, little man, or prepare for a pounding.”

“Wait, wait!” Leorakin exclaimed, as he watched Baltron close his hands into a fist then step toward him.  “I swear this is an object more precious than silver or gold!”

“Then, why would you to be so eager to depart with it?”

“Because I don’t relish the idea of a thorough pounding,” Leorakin said, with the fear clearly in his eyes.

“And what exactly makes this ugly thing valuable?”  Baltron looked at the strange object with a new sense of interest.

“It has magical powers beyond your wildest imaginations!”

“Magical?  Okay, you have my attention.  What kinds of magical powers?”

Leorakin looked around to assure that no one was near enough to hear his words, “Follow me to the shadows, and I shall enlighten you, my friend.  Yes?”

Baltron followed Leorakin into a dark alley.  When he stopped, Leorakin pulled the crystal object from his pocket.

As Baltron stared at the round object, streaks of beautifully shaped light appeared inside of it.  As some of the lights disappeared, more appeared.  The lights were now moving so fast around the entire circumference of the crystal object that Baltron could not tell where they began, or where they finished.  Baltron found himself transfixed by the object, so much so that he was oblivious to his surroundings.

An evil smile spread across Leorakin’s face.  He had made sure that his master had fully taken Baltron’s mind, before he finally dared to speak.

  “Lord  Helkodor, we welcome you in our midst, for your pleasure, I have brought you a muse to play with,” Leorakin kept his voice low and clear.

Baltron’s lips trembled, as he answered in the tone of a young boy, “Master, I your servant Baltron stand ready for your bidding.”

The flashing colors ceased and in their place red flames, surrounded by gray smoke escaped from somewhere inside the crystal, mixed with an eerie voice!  “I am most pleased with the muse.  You have done well!  Come closer, Muse, and let me in.”

Once Baltron pushed his face toward the crystal, the gray and blue smoke floated between his parted lips.  After receiving the smoke, Baltron fell to the ground and writhed violently.

* * *

Arriving at his home village of Xonnta in the kingdom of Liliasat, Baltron dismounted his horse and led him into the stables.  Though he looked forward to seeing his wife again, he wished he could return to Coakin.  He had been enthralled with the sacrificial ceremony the first night he was there.  He had planned to go to the royal city, Majesic, dubbed also as Keens Peak, but decided it would be more profitable for him to stay in Coakin.

It was very strange to see the villagers so eagerly giving their children up for sacrifice to the gods.  Not to mention how calm the children appeared as their fathers led them to the pit at the base of Mt. Dred where a fierce dragon, Firedreda awaited its meals.  Even as the dragon belched forth its gray smoke, gaseous fumes, and fire from its mouth, the villagers and their sacrificial lambs remained calm.  Baltron would gladly give his virgin daughter, Narposon, to sacrifice if her lot ever came round, but he would not be happy about it, let alone calm, as he led her to her death.  In fact, he and his wife had many suitors waiting Narposon’s thirteenth cycle; the acceptable age for marriage, so he felt assured he would have his daughter married off before she even had to enter into the sacrificial lottery.  Still, if he had to sacrifice his daughter, he had much rather sacrifice her Liliasat’s way.

However, he liked many things about the region of Aspella that he did not like about his own region.  He enjoyed the games, the food, and the magic.  There was magic in his region too, but only in secrecy.  The gentle king, Nathaniel did not believe in magic, so it was forbidden.

On his journey back home, Baltron toyed with the idea of moving to Aspella, specifically, Coakin because of his great business contacts there.  Leorakin; shop owner of Magic Orbs was one such contact.  Baltron agreed to deliver twenty deerskins a year to Leorakin’s shop.  Aside from their business arrangement, Leorakin had saved Baltron’s life the first night they met!  If Leorakin had not been there when Baltron fell into the hands of the five thieves who dragged him to the dark alley, Baltron felt assured that he would be dead!  However, thanks to Leorakin’s magical abilities, Baltron had been saved from a fate worse than death.  Although Baltron could not fully recall the incident, his lungs still rattled, as did his head, from the beating administered to him.

Leorakin had told Baltron that their gaming circles were close to the other when Baltron won his game.  After retrieving the shiny crystal along with his other winnings, Baltron exited the gaming ring.  That was when he was attacked, and Leorakin had saved him.

Baltron truly liked the strange crystal he had won and did not want to lose it.  He took it out and stared at it repeatedly, realizing that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  He was enthralled with it.   He enjoyed staring at it mostly after dark.  That was when the beautiful display of colors from the ball was most vibrant.  It was relaxing to sit by his fire and watch the various colors and shapes from the magic ball dance around.  It lights were calming, which lulled Baltron to sleep.  He had not slept so well before getting this crystal and by the end of his seven-day trip, Baltron had formed a strong bond with the object.  He had even dreamed about it the previous night.  He could not help himself.  It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  One look at the beautiful object and he was spell bound.

Oh, Baltron, my love, I’m so pleased to see you home!” Gaylora exclaimed when she saw her husband standing in the hut.  However, she was surprised to see him standing there naked.  As her eyes lowered down Baltron’s naked body, she was shocked by what she saw.  He had filled out.  With muscles he did not have before, specifically in his lower extremities.  She swallowed hard as she stared at him.  He is massive!

Baltron glanced up from the crystal at his wife.  A strong lust consumed him as he stared at Gaylora.  With one quick step, he pinned her to the wall, aggressively taking his pleasure of her before either one realized what was occurring.  She screamed with agonizing pain as he took her, but Baltron ignored her cries, covering her mouth with his large hand.

Although he enjoyed the reunion with his wife, it was as though he was not in control of his own movements.  It was as if someone had else possessed his body, controlling him and he was merely the muse they were using to get to Gaylora.

After the reunion was finished, Gaylora turned and stared at him with adoring eyes.  She ran her hands across his muscled body.  “What has happened to you?  You are different, in many ways; you hurt me, yet, it became strangely enjoyable.”

Baltron looked down at his body, and realized she was right.  His body had changed.  His once hairy chest was now as bald as a newborn, and strangely soft, and slick.  He noticed Gaylora, too, was acting suddenly strange.  She was more attentive and aggressive with her own touch to him, which was the exact opposite of her usual calm, shy personality, but as she stood in his arms now, she could not keep her hands off him.

“I’ve received a blessing from the gods; that is all you need to know.”  Baltron picked her up in his arms and carried her to their bed.

Baltron withdrew himself from his bed in the morning and pulled a fresh tunic from the chest, which lay near his bed, pulling the tunic over his head.  When he saw Gaylora leaning over the fire pit, tending to some food, he suddenly had an overwhelming desire to have her once more.  He drew close behind her, took hold of her sides, forced her on her knees, and took his pleasure of her again.

Chapter Two will continue next week.



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November updates


Deadly Reads is in action and that is because it’s under good management.

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This has been a busy month for Deadly Reads Author, Linda Barton.  She  presented her books onto the Amazon select program and was very successful in the endeavor. The books were downloaded multiple times and as a result,  became number one in the genres for a significant time period. The downloads equaled to nearly 19,000 and proved to be successful. Linda would like to say thanks to everyone who downloaded and reviewed her books.

Author Lisa Vandiver has just submitted her recent book, Mystic Mist, Book One of the New Breed series, for editing. This exciting sci-fi/horror book should be available soon.

Next Move, You’re Dead by Linda L Barton was  released in audiobook on Nov 1.  Deadly Reads will be holding a contest where 5 lucky winners will receive a copy to enjoy.  If you don’t want to wait until the contest, you can also get a FREE copy…

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Meet Linda Barton


Linda is a very smart, attractive woman who is a go-getter! I’m proud to sign my book, Josie’s Thorn with her new publishing company, Deadly Reads!
Deadly Reads is going places, and I want to tag along! Thanks, Linda for the wonderful opportunity!

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       Hi, everybody! Welcome to Deadly Reads Monday’s addition. This is going to be an exciting week as we prepare for Sunday’s Emmy Awards. We are super excited about our Founder and CEO, Linda L. Barton being involved with the Emmy Awards show this year! Her book, Next Move, You’re Dead, Trilogy will be one out of one hundred books that will be given as SWAG this year! It’s very exciting and we wanted to start this celebration week off by allowing you, the reader, to get to know Deadly Reads Founder just a little bit better. So, without further delay, let’s start the interview.


        To contact Linda L. Barton, we’ve listed her contact information for you.

Deadly Reads Official Website:


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           Linda’s Book Trailers:


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One Dream Reached~More To Reach

Hi, everyone! I hope this post finds you all doing well. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any personal updates, but today, I wanted to do just that. I’ve been fortunate enough to reach one of my dreams since I began my writing career in 2005. I’ve signed with a publisher! This has been a dream for me from the start and now that it’s been reached, I’m a happy girl today. See my big smile :)
Today I want to announce that I’ve signed with Deadly Reads Publishing. You can find out more about them at this official website or you can take a look at their blog.
What does this mean for Author Lisa Vandiver? Well, I’m hoping that it means that some of my burdens will be taken from my shoulders so that I can concentrate more on what I really want to do~write.There will always be work in the areas of publicity, editing, designs, and other areas for me to work on, but having a publisher now means that I’ll actually be able to concentrate on MORE writing! YES! Love It!
I have several WIP’s in progress as well as three editing jobs to complete, but I promise you, I do have NEW stories in the press, so hang in there with me, and hopefully by Spring 2014, at least one of my works in progress will be completed.
I want to say thanks to all my loyal followers and readers. Without you, there really wouldn’t be any use of doing what I do if nobody read my stories. So, from the bottom of my heart~ THANK YOU!
One very important goal for me has been reached, but there are many more for me to reach. Many more mountains for this author to climb, but, now as I climb my mountains, it’s invigorating to know-I don’t have to climb them alone! Thank you, DEADLY READS!